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There is something to said about these peaceful but deadly creatures! I love that some jellyfish are translucent and others are bright and colorful. If you like the ocean, than this diamond painting is for you.

-photo credit Aaron Drover Photography-

The sizing for this product depicts the canvas size. Each diamond painting is a FULL round drill diamond painting (entire picture is created with the diamond beads). Each diamond painting kit purchased comes with:

- Printed Canvas with clear easy to read symbols

- Super sticky poured glue over the drill area

- All diamond drills needed to complete the picture & comes pre packaged in labeled baggies

- Pen

- Boat (Drill holder)

- Wax

- Legend (included finished picture, clear printed symbols with matching DMC numbers & Instructions on how to complete diamond painting picture)


**Please note - the diamond painting kit does NOT come with a frame**