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How to Diamond Paint

Posted by Roman Hrycyna on

You may be asking yourself what is diamond painting? Well let me tell you – it is the most relaxing craft I have ever done! Let’s start by walking you through step by step, on how to complete your own masterpiece.

Craft Pack Canada’s Diamond Painting Kits come with everything you need to complete your piece of art. Our Diamond Painting Kits come with: a high quality printed canvas with double sided adhesive, a legend which displays a finished picture as well as what each symbol represents for DMC colors, a diamond painting pen, boat (bead holder) & wax.

 Diamond Painting Kit Contents

Once you receive your kit, you may want to layout your canvas to straighten it out. We have packed it in durable shipping tubes to not create bubbles or “rivers” in our adhesive. You can start in any corner – that is the beauty of this art – there are no hard rules! Peel away the protective cover on the diamond painting canvas and choose your color you would like to start with.

Take your pen and peel the clear protective cover from the wax and insert your pen vertically into the wax. Twist the pen and pull it out. You should see some pink wax in the gold tip of the pen.

Pick up one bead of the color you chose to start with.

Apply the bead to the corresponding symbol on the diamond painting canvas. Continue these steps until your diamond painting is complete!